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Rosen Is Not Impressed

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Charlie Rosen is not a fan of our offseason. (Fox)

Given all of the possible pitfalls, Danny Ainge's offseason moves have been seriously inept.

Even when Darius Miles was at the top of his game, his defense was pitiful, his jumper was shaky, his game was marshmallow-soft and he was a total jerk.

The signing of Patrick O'Bryant to back up Kendrick Perkins provides little more than a sizeable warm body.

Unless Gabe Pruitt's game undergoes a stupendous improvement, or rookie J.R. Giddens turns out to be a prodigious talent — and considering that both Tony Allen and Eddie House are really 2-guards — the Celtics have no serviceable backup at the point.

None of the above is meant to predict an empty season for the Celtics. Rather, the intent is to roll out the reasons why a repeat is fraught with peril. After all, they're still the champs until somebody beats them.

Or, as is more likely, they beat themselves.

Charlie comes across as his usual Mr. Sunshine persona, but he makes some solid points.  Danny didn't exactly upgrade this offseason.  He gave us the potential to upgrade down the road.  There's a big difference, especially when you consider the ages of our stars.