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Walker Ready To Run

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Nice piece by Frank Dell'Apa on Billy Walker today.   Here's some quotes from Ainge:

"We were thinking maybe of sending him overseas for a year," said general manager Danny Ainge. "But the more we saw him working out, the more we saw him here, it was 'let's keep him here.'

"He has had some knee injuries, but it certainly hasn't limited his athleticism. There are some maintenance issues, yes, but I think he's going to be fine to play. He has a chance to be part of our long-term future as well as short-term.

"He has been a special player for a long time. Most young players come into the league and find out how hard it is and how good the players are they are playing against. But I do believe he's very confident and I also believe he is very humble, just by how he works that knee injury.

"Things have not turned out as he probably envisioned them. Being a great high school player, he was probably expecting to be a top 10 pick in the NBA by now, but he's had some setbacks with his health, and we're the beneficiaries of that."