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Monta Headed Into Hot Water?

Turns out the Warriors' guard was pulling a Jeff Kent after all.

As reported by Marcus Thompson II of the Contra Costa Times:

The saga surrounding the left ankle of Warriors guard Monta Ellis has taken a step toward conclusion. Bay Area News Group has learned that Ellis has revealed to Warriors management how he hurt his ankle and the two sides are in talks about how to put the situation behind them. According to a team source, the Warriors now know that Ellis' ankle injury — which he had surgery to repair on Aug. 27 — was not sustained "in a gym" and "it happened outdoors and not while playing basketball."

The source did not reveal what Ellis told Warriors management he was doing when he got hurt, only that he "was scared to tell the truth at first" but eventually did.

A Warriors official said last week, "We are not going to comment until we have an opportunity to speak with all of the appropriate parties involved."

The team can fine and/or suspend Ellis if he injured his ankle by participating in a prohibited activity, such as motorcycle riding or snowboarding. Should he somehow not be able to play again, the Warriors could terminate the six-year, $66 million contract they signed Ellis to in July.

Yeesh.  Fortunately for Ellis, his status with the Warriors makes it likely that he will face a fine and no more.

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While it sounds like Ellis definitely messed up in this case, he simply means too much to the Warriors for the team to do anything in the direction of alienating him.  Threats about voiding his contract or attempts to restructure it are only actions that could push Ellis toward the door quickly, and given the Warriors' enormous investment in him this summer - and the departure of Baron Davis - they simply can't afford to let that happen. 

A semi-substantial fine will show Ellis that the team is upset and demonstrate to the players that misconduct will lead to discipline, but it shouldn't leave any lasting damage in the team's relationship with its two-guard.  Seems like that will be the course of action taken.