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Jessica Camerato has a list of 5 teams that could threaten the Celtics in the East this year.   Here's her blurb on the Cavs:

Since basketball is a game with 5 players a side, having an all-star on your team gives you a decent chance of winning. Having one of the best players in the NBA take the court for your team every night gives you a great chance at being a playoff contender. The Cleveland Cavaliers will go as far as LeBron James carries them. Two seasons ago, they proved they were the cream of the crop in the Eastern Conference, making it to the Finals. Last season, they nearly beat the World Champion Boston Celtics in 7 games. After doing acquiring Mo Williams and drafting the talented J.J. Hickson in the offseason, the Cavs are that much stronger and that bigger of a threat in the East.

Also listed are the Pistons, Magic, 76ers, and Wizards.  Who do you think is the biggest threat?