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Hollinger Reviews Summer Moves

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Quite an extensive breakdown.  Here are the Celtics notes:

Bargain pickups

Tony Allen's two-year, $5 million deal with Boston looks like a good value, especially given his ferocity on defense -- but only if he can make any kind of strides in his recovery from a 2007 knee injury.

Eddie House earned his two-year, $5.6 million deal with strong shooting in the Finals, showing he's one of the league's better backup point guards, despite his inability to dribble against pressure.

Draft do-overs 

Take Patrick O'Bryant, for instance. He hardly saw the light of day in two years with Golden State, but Boston thought enough of his potential to give him a two-year, $1.65 million deal. I thought this was an extremely clever move with almost no risk and a fairly high upside, as I suspect O'Bryant might be quite a bit better than he showed with the Warriors.

Bottom fishing

Boston took a flier on Darius Miles, some suspect just to sabotage the Blazers' promising cap situation.

He also links to his review of the Posey to New Orleans deal back in July.