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A Few Good Ideas

I asked for a few of your favorite trade ideas and you came up with a number of interesting options. There were too many to list here (you can see them all in the original post) but here are a few of my favorites.

A trade for Warrick and Ross from Memphis. (by ssspence) I'm a Syracuse fan so I like Warrick's upside and Quinton would fit in defensively. I also like his Nocioni trade to an extent, but I'm not sure Danny would sign up for that salary over the next several years (and I couldn't blame him).

Getting Gadzuric from the Bucks. (by Wide Load) Before this team became Champs, it always seemed like Gadzuks saved his best for when he played the Celtics. So sign me up.

Also, I'm a little biased, but I like a few of my ideas too.

Anything with Oklahoma City to help them trim their surplus of big men.

There was a lot of talk about getting Jeff Foster, but Indy obviously likes him too. So we'd have to help them get rid of Tinsley as well. So I worked out a 3 way deal involving the Thunder that would (in theory) help everyone. Well, in truth the Thunder get kind of hosed, so maybe we could get Indy to toss a lottery protected draft pick their way.

None of these ideas is perfect, but that only proves my point. The trade options for Danny and the Celtics are pretty limited. So we have to hope that Danny can either be creative, patient, or lucky, and hopefully all of the above.

Feel free to keep the fun going in our Trade Forums.

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