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KG Schools O'Bryant

Red's Army has this interesting observation from practice today:

Patrick O’Bryant’s name has come up a lot lately… and it hasn’t been good. The Celtics need a 7 footer to come off the bench, and he’s nowhere near ready to help. It’s frustrating for us. And it’s frustrating to Kevin Garnett too.

Word from practice is that KG took POB aside after practice and worked him over. It was an intense… emphasis on INTENSE… one-on-one session. Garnett did everything from explain how a first step taken in a certain way will work… to getting up in O’Bryant’s face to "explain" things. Afterwards, KG explained that he’s sick and his leg hurts… but he’s there… in practice… and making sure guys like POB get the lessons he got when he was a young baller.

I’m sure this will be a focus of some media reports tomorrow… because these guys did nothing to hide what was going on. It was so nuts, that the people who were watching, were watching in awe.

Updates: Here are the newspaper stories on this incident.

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