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Random Slump Thoughts

I thought Doc's money in the bank comment was dead on.  It applies to fans as well.   This is a really odd feeling for us because the team (in theory) has a free pass from fans because of the Championship.  The team got off to the best start ever.  If it wasn't for those two things, we'd be ripping this team left and right.  This team has played like a lottery team over the last few weeks but because of all they've done, it still feels odd to call them out.  This is just a very confusing time for Celtics fans.

Side note:  I do not want to see folks taking out their frustrations on each other in the comments.  Respect each other at all times - thanks.

To me this losing streak feels like a shooting slump.  Like a great jump shooter that has missed 7 of his last 9 shots.  We need some free throws and some layups to get that stroke back.  We need a timeout to clear our heads.  And we need some time in the gym to take some extra practice shots.

Hopefully the Raps (twice) and Nets (twice) can be our free throws and layups (but no promises there).  Hopefully the break between Nets games (Thurs. and Fri. off) can be the time out.  Hopefully they can squeeze a practice in there somewhere.  Hopefully we can get that stroke back soon.

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