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Celtics Stuff Live 1/11: Ian Thomsen & Jim "JB" Metz



 After enduring the toughest week of the Garnett-Pierce-Allen era, Celtics fans were dying for a Sunday afternoon win against the Toronto Raptors. They got their win, but the fourth quarter was quite the adventure as the C's struggled, yet again, to wrap up a game down the stretch. The questions, and possible solutions, flowed in the first few minutes of this evening's broadcast as Justin and Jon attempted to put their fingers on the faults and areas of need for this team.

Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated joined Celtics Stuff Live to break down the state of the franchise, and Jon and Justin used quite a bit from Ian's article from Friday to frame their conversations regarding possible roster moves. Ian sees the Celtics as a team with deep flaws in their bench and in need of a talent infusion. Ian sees Posey's departure as one that has truly decimated the bench and will require a handful of additions to add the various skills Posey brought to the floor. On the issue of Stephon Marbury, Ian sounded the "Buyer Beware" button and suggested that the only reason anyone should sign Marbury is if Steph sells his potential employer on his services and bows to their needs. Before letting him go Ian ran down some potential landing spots for Shawn Marion (likely going nowhere), Vince Carter (doing well in NJ with big money left on his deal), and Marbury (possibly will get bought out, but not soon).


And then, in his return to the main stage, Celtics Stuff Live co-founder Jim "JB" Metz stopped by to check in with Jon and Justin just to make sure they didn't make a mess of the place. JB, with a clean bill of health, is certainly concerned with the direction the team is taking and had some tough words for the antics of Kevin Garnett and the puzzling coaching of Doc Rivers. To wrap up the show, JB lost his internet connection for the second time during his brief time on the show, but was able to answer a question from "Bobo from the Bronx" who asked about how much Sam Cassell has left in the tank.

Of course any visit by JB must have a little bit of controversy and tinfoil hats a plenty as Jim wonders whether Danny and Doc are talking to each other through the newspapers as to what each of them see as needs for the team moving forward.  Good to have the JB, for at least a short time, back.

Thank you all for reading....

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