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Banged Up Celtics

Let's review:

  • Tony is still out (ankle)
  • Perk missed today's game (shoulder)
  • KG has complained about a sore leg

Now HoopsAddict reports:

  • "Pierce talked about his injury after the game and told reporters, “Scal fell into the knee that’s been sore for the past few weeks and I hyperextended it a little bit. It’s sore, because I aggravated it a little bit, but I was getting treatment on it after the game and we’ll see how it feels tomorrow.” When asked if he thought he’d play tomorrow Pierce told the media it depends on how treatment goes and how it feels tomorrow night."
  • "Speaking of injuries, Rajon Rondo told reporters after the game that his legs were sore after crashing into some chairs but that he expects to play tomorrow night."

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