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Perk Out At Least A Week

Not good news concerning Perkins.  From the Herald.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers believes Perkins will be inactive for at least a week."

Usually when it comes out, it's not that it's undone the surgery, but there's been damage and it moved," Rivers said. "There's nothing you can do about it, it's just one of those injuries.

"We just have to basically be lucky because it's going to go back out again. We know it will, and it's just dumb luck. It's not career ending, but it could be a career problem and it has been so far in his young career.

“It’s tough not having Perk, especially when you are playing power 5’s,” Rivers said. “Now you are stuck putting Kevin (Garnett) on that, which you don’t want because it kills his energy and it doesn’t allow him to roam the way we want him to roam.

“With Perk it has to be frustrating because (this happens) right when he feels good. But this is the second time this year and this is the worse of the two. It actually happened in the first quarter of the Lakers game and he’s not been able, to rebound at all.”

Maybe it is time to dust off Notorious POB and give him a little run in meaningful minutes. 

You wouldn't think the Nets would be much to worry about, but they've played surprisingly well this year (19-19) and rookie Brook Lopez got 31 points and 13 rebounds against the Thunder last night. So you can't underestimate the center spot.  Besides, I don't think this team can afford to look past anyone at this point.

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