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Idea: Mike Miller?

Ken Berger has a pretty good article on some folks that might be changing addresses in the next month.  One name he tossed out as an idea for the Celtics is Mike Miller.

2. Mike Miller, Timberwolves: Who wouldn't want a 28-year-old, 40-percent career 3-point shooter on a short contract? The Timberwolves, who are heading nowhere but the lottery with or without him. Miller is getting healthy again after missing time with an ankle injury, and his shooting touch will be in demand. The Knicks need someone to make 3s to free up Mike D'Antoni's system, and Miller's contract ($9.75 million next season) satisfies the Knicks' desire not to add long-term money.

Just thinking out loud here, but couldn't the Celtics use Miller's shooting touch off the bench with losses and injuries mounting? If Doc Rivers could find a way to hide Miller's defensive deficiencies, his shooting and rebounding could be just what Boston needs to replace James Posey. Miller turns 29 on Feb. 19. What could be a better birthday present than a trade to the defending champs?

At first I thought the idea was loony.  There's no way we would have the salaries to match up with a 9M contract.  Then I fiddled with the trade machine and found out that a package of Scal, House, and Tony actually works money-wise.

Of course it only saves the Wolves $1M next year and it doesn't make alot of basketball sense for them.  So don't count on it unless they are desperate to save money (not likely).  Then again, maybe Kevin could do us one last favor before getting the boot this offseason.

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