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Daily Links 1/15

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Herald    Celtics cut down Nets      
Cautiously optimistic     
Sam Cassell sits and waits      
Kendrick Perkins itching to play     
Spurs win duel with Kobe and the Lakers     
Globe    With greatest of ease     
Yi people's choice - in China     
House hurts ankle but says he's OK      
Various posts on the Globe Celtics blog     

MetroWest Daily    Celtics 118, Nets 86: C's starting to streak again    
CelticsBlog   We're heating up      
WFAN's Evan Roberts on the Nets     
Starting five     
What if?     
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Nets     
Nets at Celtics in pictures   1/14      
Celtics 24/7     Hey look, a winning streak      
Red's Army    Thank you New Jersey      
So that's what defense looks like      
Gloucester Times     Celtics in good shape, but may not be good enough     
Comcast SportsNet    Postgame Podcast:  1/14 Celtics vs Nets    
Worcester Telegram    Pierce powers C's to lopsided win      
Center of attention     
Patriot Ledger     Remainder of the Celtics’ schedule isn’t quite so hectic      
Pierce remains on a roll from 3-point range     
Dueling Couches       Celts making a run at one of the all time greats       
ProJo    Perkins nearly ready, but return date remains uncertain      
Celtics are in control from the get-go in rout of the Nets    
Schedule will ease up on Celtics in season's second half     
Celtics reach midway point of the season         
Examiner    A thank you note from a Celtics fan     
WEEI    Rondo or Harris?     
Giddens learns to wait         
Rhythm key for Perkins          
NY Daily News     Vince Carter, Nets take belts from defending champion Celts     
Sporting News    The NBA is out of whack     
USA Today    McHale might have found calling as coach     
Salt Lake Tribune    Flash player arrested in North Carolina     
The Rundown     Darius Miles 1 second away from costing Portland $18 million     
Lex Nihil Novi     Mark who?  KC Jones ceases to use Acres in the playoffs        
Odd how the mind works      
Some Bill Walker video      
Star Ledger    Nets humbled by defending champs Boston Celtics       
Bostonist     Just what Doc ordered     
Be the Three   The third quarter team,  that's the team I know     
Is it ok to take 3 pointers in the last minute of a game you're winning by 35?       
Connecticut Post      Celtics cut down the Nets  118-86



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