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Celtics Stuff Live: Marc Spears & Tom Halzack


The Celtics are back to their old winning streak ways, with four straight wins under their belt, but there was plenty of material for Jon and Justin to chat about on the most recent edition of Celtics Stuff Live, The improvement has come to both the starters and the bench, and in that the play of Brian Scalabrine and Rajon Rondo were highlighted. Justin and Jon also looked at the play of Bill Walker, who received 24 minutes of playing time over the past two games, and how it seems that Walker may be ready for non-garbage time minutes now. (Ed. Note: The fact that Bill is a regular interview subject for CSL and that we are completely in the tank for him is merely coincidental. )

Marc Spears of the Boston Globe joined us early in the show, and very quickly made this point known: STOP TALKING ABOUT STEPHON MARBURY! HE'S NOT EVEN A FREE AGENT!!!  

Got it?

While Marc mentioned that thought we might have caught him on a bad day, he brings up some solid points as it seems Starbury is the only player who is generating conversation as the trade deadline nears. In other news, Marc notes how difficult Danny Ainge's job is to improve this team given the make up of the roster (and their salaries), but feels that Danny likely has an Ace up his sleeve. We can only hope. As an aside, Marc mentioned a story he wrote about Stephon Marbury and his cheap sneakers back when Marc wrote for the Denver Post, and that article can be found here.

The second half of the show brought staff writer Thomas Halzack to Celtics Stuff Live to chat a bit about his recent article on what the world would be like if Rondo was drafted by another team.

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