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Marbury Has An Offer, Open To Buyout

ESPN is reporting

Banished New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury has again offered to return $1 million in salary to the team in an effort to renew talks toward a buyout, the New York Post has reported.

Seven weeks after taking the $1 million off the table as Marbury and the Knicks failed to agree on terms for a split, the two-time All-Star told the newspaper he has an offer to play for another team.

The Knicks have told Marbury a decision now rests with owner James Dolan, the Post reported. The 12-year veteran said he's been waiting to hear from them for several days, according to the paper.

"I'm hoping," Marbury told the Post. "I don't know what the real reason would be if they didn't take it."

Signs pointed toward Marbury landing with the Boston Celtics earlier this month, and Boston was his preferred destination if he were to become a free agent, sources with knowledge of the situation told then.

But buyout talks have stalled, and president Donnie Walsh's last offer required Marbury to take at least $3 million less, the Post reported.

"I can't fight a billion-dollar company," Marbury said, according to the newspaper. "I've been waiting nearly a week."


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