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Clutch Slipped While on the Holiday

Jack Jemsek takes the opportunity to look back on the teams struggles and recent rebound.

I think we can all finally breathe easier now with these 4 wins, but losing 7 of 9 ratchets up the anxiety in any championship-driven fan base like the C’s have, and so we want to diagnose and prescribe a remedy to the following potential problems condensed from the 20-item list from
  1. The starters are getting old and tired and losing focus on meaningless road trips, especially against the younger athletic teams.
  2. The bench is horrible. In fact it is “badly constructed, with no size, little ball-handling, a shortage of outside shooting, very little versatility and not enough quality.”
  3. It’s the coaching – Doc’s rotations are much too conservative, and he isn’t playing the bench players enough that would appear to provide exactly what the Celtics need.

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