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Happy MLK Day

A tip of the cap to Martin Luther King Jr.

Also, a tip of the cap to Red Auerbach and the Celtics who broke a number of color barriers in the NBA.  See this list from ESPN's Daily Dime.

First black player drafted: Chuck Cooper (out of Duquesne) by the Boston Celtics in the second round in 1950.

First black player to play in a game: Earl Lloyd with the Washington Capitols (Washington opened their season on Oct. 31, 1950).

First black All-Star: Donald Barksdale in 1952-53 with the Baltimore Bullets.

First black player to win an NBA title: Jim Tucker and Earl Lloyd with the 1954-55 Syracuse Nationals.

First black MVP: Bill Russell in 1957-58 with the Boston Celtics.

First black head coach: Bill Russell in 1966-67 with the Boston Celtics (he was a player-coach).

First black head coaches facing in the NBA Finals: 1975 featuring Al Attles (Warriors) vs. K.C. Jones (Bullets).

First black general manager: Wayne Embry in 1972-73 with the Milwaukee Bucks.

First black majority owner: Bob Johnson was granted a franchise (became the Charlotte Bobcats) on January 10, 2003.

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