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Mutual Respect

Shaq on the Celtics

“They had a great season last yea. They did it the right way. They did it the respectable way, so my hat goes off to the three Boston amigos.”

“If you look at the makeup of those guys, they’ve always been very unselfish. They were just on teams where they were the go-to guys and they had to take all the shots. And those guys are very nice guys. They stay out of trouble off the court. You can tell by the makeup that they’re nice gentlemen.

“Watching that series from a fan’s standpoint reminded me of the old Boston days, where you’d see three or four Hall of Famers playing together.”

KG on guarding Shaq

“It is like holding up a wall,” Garnett said. “Go home, basically knock out the foundation in your house and just hold up the wall, and when it’s about to fall on you that’s what it’s like holding onto Shaq. Yeah, that’s it. Go home, knock the foundation out, just off the side of your house, just knock it out. As the wall is coming toward you, just hold it up. In fact, hold it up for 48 minutes.”

Garnett paused, looking at a copy of the freshly printed game summary sitting in front of him on the table, then said, “Make it two hours and 15 minutes (the time of game).”

Wait! Can the guy holding up the house put it down during timeouts?

“Yeah, sure,” he said. “Have someone else in your house come hold it, take a break, take some Gatorade and then come back and just hold it up. That’s what it’s like. Let it fall on you, and then try to pick it back up. You’re not going to stop Shaq. Shaq’s too big and clever. He’s been in this game a long time and you don’t just score 25,000 points.”

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