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Deja Vu Stats

Be the Three has fun with numbers

What I found is this: Statistically, this team is almost exactly as good as it was last year.

Seriously, some of the numbers are downright scary. Here are the current season's stats up against last year's. (All '07-08 stats in this post are pre-All-Star break unless you see **)

                                '07-08                                    '08-09

Off. Efficiency **    110.2                                     109.8

Def. Efficiency **    98.9                                      99.6

Pace Factor **         90.9                                      91.0  

FG%                          47.3                                      48.1

Opp. FG%                42.1                                       42.3

3-point %                38.1                                        37.3

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