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Daily Links 1/21

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Herald     Celtics get it together      
Ray Allen, Steve Pagliuca in middle of history     
Sports world takes note     
Globe     One packed trip by the Celtics' Allen     
Heat thumbnails       
A day at the Garden     


MetroWest Daily    Celtics: Rondo back in form       
CelticsBlog   Scal's finest  
Change ideas       
LOY's Place     Random thoughts as the Celtics take on the Florida Teams    
ESPN    Surprises, disappointments, and midseason awards    
Awards watch        
Red's Army    We've been here before     
Mmmmmm ... Oranges     
Sporting News    No more denying the Magic     
Morning Journal    Cavs lack inside presence      
ProJo   Magic set to host Celtics on Thursday, now hold NBA's best record      
Celtics go back to basics in breaking their slump    Sizzling Magic brace for Celtics     
Sports Central   Who are the NBA's top five?     
ESPN    Are athlete blogs in trouble?     
Point guards don't always equal assists    
USA Today    Memphis signs Darius Miles to another 10 day contract     
Times Online    Celtics snap out of slump        
X's and O's of Basketball     Never turn your back on a shooter like Ray Allen    
Dime   How many Suns can you dunk on at once?      
Real Clear Sports      Power ranking averages: Magic #1, Celtics #3      
Mass Live    Celtics player, owner see inauguration in person         
Lex Nihil Novi    Lowly Bulls give Celtics lesson in humility (81-82)     
Walton, Celtics face off 7 months before Bill goes green  (84)              
The Nets remember Miracle Milt       
Comcast SportsNet    Steal of the century, thy name is Rajon Rondo     
Be the Three   Celtics at halfway point     
Patriot Ledger   Ray Allen awed by inauguration      
Speedy Rondo has been making the Celtics go once again     
NESN    C's aim to scorch Heat     
Coach Heuser's Blog   A player whose agenda is to make his teammates better     

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