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Daily Links 1/24

Herald    Subs boost level of play in Celtics win streak      
New coach, same old story for Grizzlies     
Globe   Setbacks profitable     
Diaw dominates as Bobcats crush Suns     

CelticsBlog    Cautious infant optimism      
Celtics 17   Defending champs?   Sure not treated like it     
Comcast SportsNet     The Dino Radja Experience:  Click and win       
Florida Today    Magic down, but far from out     
Bostonist   Order is restored       
The Scores Report    Did rust contribute to the Magic's poor play?      
ProJo   As Rondo goes, the Celtics go, and opponents are starting to notice     
Rocky Mountain News    Second NBA lockout could be on horizon        
Bleacher Report    5 NBA players on the verge of becoming superstars     
Boston Celtics talk back to Dwight Howard's hand       
Basketball Daily World   What did the Florida trip reveal?       
NE Business Bulletin   Celtics team president to speak at Taunton chamber meeting  
Hoopsworld    Award watch:   MVP watch     
NY Daily News   NBA Power Rankings:   Poof! Magic makes its move      
The Scores Report   Why Allen Iverson shouldn't be starting in the All Star game      
Milford Daily News    Celtics trophy comes to Milford      
LA Times    Lakers have enjoyed a home advantage      
Palm Beach Post    Wade has high praise for Celtics       
Twin     Wolves go to bat for Big Al to send him to the All Star Game     
Lex Nihil Novi    Da Glove on Garnett      
KG on the Celtics-Lakers Christmas day game     
Athens- Sparta III  (81-82)

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