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Practice Notes

Scott Souza has some notes from practice:  (Side note: Isn't it funny that Scott Souza devotes a lot of time writing an article about the Celtics and Pistons but all I care about is the throwaway notes at the end.  This is what happens when you follow a team this closely.)

Few other practice notes today as the players were quick to head to Hanscom for the flight and All-Star reserves not announced for another couple of hours.

Brian Scalabrine was not seen on the floor and presumably did not make the trip. … Rondo continued to fulfill his pact with Kevin Garnett and took extra shots after practice before racing to the training room (in an attempt to avoid All-Star questions from reporters, perhaps?). … Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens also did a fair amount of extra shooting from the corner, while Ray Allen went through his typical shooting routine. … Tony Allen looked fine one day after returning from a three-week absence due to a sprained ankle.

Keep shooting 'em Rajon.

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