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Yep, Another Marbury Post

Sorry, but the news just keeps coming out and I keep passing it along because it is more interesting than dissecting the Wizards woeful ways.

The New York Post talks to Marbury all the time it seems.  He writes a blog for them sometimes too.  So they felt it necessary to check with Steph on the Marc Stein rumor.

The banished Marbury said he would be "honored" to play for the Celtics, admitted they are on his short list, but denied an report he has made a decision to join Boston if he gets released by the Knicks New York Knicks .

Marbury said Boston has not made an offer. A source close to the situation said the Celtics wouldn't be Marbury's No. 1 choice either because of the limited role, backing up emerging point guard Rajon Rondo.

Another source said Celtics president Danny Ainge has interest in Marbury, as has been reported here since the summer, but Ainge wonders if a buyout will ever be worked out. Marbury prefers to join a playoff-caliber team in a starting role, though the Celtics could be the pick if his only options require coming off the bench.

That just about covers the topic. We won't get any new real news on this until he reaches a buyout because....

  • The Celtics can't comment or express interest in him publicly, that's tampering.
  • Starbury and his agent will never say that the Celtics are the first choice because they would lose leverage in the buyout talks.
  • Half of what we have heard and will hear will contradict other things you hear and a lot of it will be lies or subterfuge.  So take it all with a grain of salt.

If and when Steph and the Knicks negotiate a buyout, then we can see what really happens from that point on.  With the Celtics visiting New York (and the NY media) tomorrow, I'm sure we'll get plenty more breathless rumors and reports on his status.  I'll try to spare you too many updates from here out, but no promises.

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