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Celtics Stuff Live 1/30: Jeff Howe

So as to avoid the Super Bowl crush, Celtics Stuff Live broadcast following the Celtics 86-78 victory over the Detroit Pistons on Friday night to mark their 10th straight win. While the game was, as voice mailer Alex put it, "sonambulistic" it was a nice win against a talented, but flawed rival. Jon called out the issues the Iverson-Billups deal presented to the Pistons when the trade was made, and the performance did nothing to change his opinion that Chauncey Billups was the last player Joe Dumars should have traded from this roster.

The Metro's Jeff Howe embarked on his maiden CSL Voyage during this odd Friday night edition of Celtics Stuff Live. Jeff was highly critical of the potential of adding Stephon Marbury to the Boston Celtics and he brought enough ammunition to support his claims that would invite suspicion from the folks at Homeland Security.

In the second half of the show, Jon and Justin went toe to toe over Marbury's situation and took opposing viewpoints as to who is responsible for the Knicks' relationship with the former All Star guard to deteriorate. Despite a lengthy and detailed debate, we'll score the fight a draw.

To wrap up, CSL looked ahead to a fantastic week with home games against the Lakers and Spurs, and gazed into the crystal ball to proclaim how many wins the C's will end up with at season's end.

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