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Celts In No Hurry

Sounds like the Celtics are in no hurry to make a move and in fact never made an offer to Mutumbo: (via the Globe)

"Boston talked to me about being interested, but never made an offer. I believe they also had interest in P.J. Brown, Alonzo Mourning, and Joe Smith, who might be released by Oklahoma City.


Despite their recent losses, the sky hasn't fallen. The Celtics won't make a kneejerk move to add a veteran big man or a veteran guard with scoring skills off the bench. As they did with Brown and Sam Cassell late last season, expect them to take their time to make sure they get the right piece to their puzzle.

The Celtics will keep an eye on what big men are waived by Saturday, when contracts become guaranteed for the rest of the season. Potential candidates include Memphis's Darius Miles, Chicago's Michael Ruffin, the Lakers' Josh Powell, Miami's Jamal Magliore, Milwaukee's Austin Croshere, New Orleans's Sean Marks, and Toronto's Jake Voskuhl.

One NBA source said the Celtics seem interested only in players that are free agents or are bought out. But stay tuned. Don't be surprised if Celtics president Danny Ainge has something up his sleeve.

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