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Celtics Stuff Live: Postgame Sunday with Patrick Gilroy

Rut row Reorge….

Even George Jetson’s dog Astro would be worried about the Celtics after yet another post-Christmas loss for the C’s, this time against the hated New York Knicks. While panic has not yet set in, there appears to be plenty to be concerned about as the C’s were not able to execute offensively or compete defensively against the lowly Knicks, who only used seven men this evening.

The sidelight to this game was the ongoing discussion regarding the need to improve the Celtics bench and in particular the signing of possible free agent-to-be Knick guard Stephon Marbury. Celtics Pride host, and Lynn Daily Item columnist, Patrick Gilroy joined the show to weigh in on the recent run of poor play and his feelings about how to get things on the right track. Gilroy is a fan of Starbury becoming a Celtic, and believes Steph will fill the team’s biggest need which is a consistent, veteran scoring threat off the bench. Of course the conversation soon turned to the other major need which is a veteran big man and Gilroy got the opportunity to put a pitch in for his old binky, Antoine Walker. This led into Gilroy telling the story about how when he was interning for the Celtics in the late 90’s, Antoine Walker would give a $100 bill to a ballboy to bring back 3 double cheeseburgers from McDonalds across the street and then let the ball boy keep the change.

Following Gilroy’s visit, the callers came a-callin’ and Justin’s Dad led things off with yet another assault on Rajon Rondo. Thankfully for Duke, Scott from Vegas evened the odds later in the show to provide some reinforcements in his continued battle with the Poulin Clan and the jaundiced eye with which they view the Celtics starting point guard. To wrap up, Michael from Austrailia called in from midday his time to fill us in on his trip to the States and his visit to the Garden for the December contests against the Blazers and Magic.

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