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What's Wrong With The Celtics?


I'm sure a lot of non-Celtics fans will be stopping by the blog to find out "what is wrong with the Celtics."  I'm also sure that we are all trying to figure that out ourselves. We can't figure out how to fix it if we don't know what's wrong.

So let's take inventory shall we?  We'll even make this interactive.  I'll start this list and you folks can help me add to it.  As you make points in the comments below, I'll try to add the best ones to this list.  (note: these are in no particular order)

  • Every team is geared up to play the Champs
  • This team is weary and tired from a road trip
  • The veterans are getting old and can't bounce back like they used to
  • The team in general is tired after a short offseason
  • The team is mentally tired and lacking motivation after winning it last year
  • This team struggles against young, athletic teams
  • The team seems to have lost its focus, in particular on defense
  • The bench is just not very good - ("badly constructed, with no size, little ballhandling, a shortage of outside shooting, very little versatility and not enough quality.")
  • Rondo has been struggling lately and teams are game-planning for him
  • Some minor injuries including KG's calf and Tony Allen's ankle
  • No Posey, No PJ Brown
  • Too many turnovers
  • No backup center over 6'9 worth playing
  • Too easily distracted by trash talk or officiating

Ok, what else do I need to add to the list? (your comments added after the break)

  • Not using Leon Powe effectively
  • Lack of ball movement
  • Lakers game threw them off mentally?
  • Doc Rivers unable to find right rotations
  • Reluctance to play younger players? Or perhaps inability of younger players to earn playing time? (Includes Gabe, O'Bryant, and the rookies)
  • Not closing out teams in the clutch

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