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Daily Links 1/7

Herald    Defenseless Celtics can’t stop slide in Charlotte    
Hosts mindful to take out Kevin Garnett’s trash    
Scouting report: Rockets at Celtics     
Hornets clip Lakers winning streak at 6     
Globe    Bobcats sink Celtics in OT     
Garnett says he was OK - but team wasn't
Various posts in the Globe Celtics' blog               

Celtics Blog     Negative Creep      
What's wrong with the Celtics?     
LOY"s Place    Walker shines as Flash win in Showcase    
Comments from the other side - Bobcats     
Celtics at Bobcats in pictures     
Red's Army    They kind of fold      
Should I be worried now?    
Secret to Rondo's high FG %      
Perkisabeast     TA is MIA      
Hoopsvibe    The Lakers stole the Celtics' heart     
Connecticut Post    Celtics playing sloppy uninspired ball:  Welcome to the rut   
Examiner   These are the times that try teams' souls       
Commercial Appeal    Grizzlies waive Darius Miles   
Dime    Really!?! With the Boston Celtics        
WEEI     Are the Celtics in trouble?      
Patriot Ledger     Celtics’ young guard on threshold of NBA stardom     
The Scores Report     Marbury's downside blown out of proportion?   Hoard of  Boston Garden parquet floor pieces sold (hat tip to And One)  
ESPN     Who's the next Steve Nash?       
Hoopsworld      Boston's David faces new Goliaths      
Felton, Augustin help Bobcats hold off struggling Celtics      
Sons of Bill Simmons     Is it time to end the Tony Allen experiment?      
Lex Nihil Novi    Pollard and Croshere   
Lewis, Gamble fuel win (1990)       
The ghost of KC Jones      
Doc needs more from KG       
What gives?        
New England Sports Blog    Celtics lose 114-106 to Bobcats      
Comcast Sports Net    CSL podcap:   Celtics at Bobcats
NY Daily News     Marbury still in limbo             
Fan Voice    So that's why they call him "Sky" Walker     

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