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The Silver Lining (Free Gabe)

We'll get to all that went wrong and is going wrong with the team shortly.  But for a brief moment, I wanted to bask in the glow of a paper thin silver lining.  Gabe finally got some run and the coach was impressed.  From the Globe:

The Celtics closed the third quarter with a Gabe Pruitt-Rajon Rondo backcourt, and Rivers said Pruitt will continue to receive more playing time. Pruitt was the only Celtic to score in the opening 7:43 of the final quarter. The Celtics were outscored, 18-11, in the fourth.

"He played well," Rivers said of Pruitt. "He made one mistake. To me, he was trying to play safe when he drove and turned it over - that's a layup or a dunk. To me, where Gabe has improved is defensively. He's decided that he wants to play and he wants to be defensive and he knows that's his way onto the floor."

Glad to hear it.  You can see that Doc is (finally) tinkering with the lineups and trying different combinations to turn this thing around.  I've never said that playing Gabe would solve all our problems (last night it didn't result in a win), but he brings a lot of things we need (fresh legs, athleticism, backup PG help, defense, ball handling, shooting, etc.).  It also helps to take a look at him before we make any moves so we know what we have first.

With that said, rooting for a young player to get some burn and grasping onto that small "moral victory" as the team loses once again seems a little too 2006 for my taste.  So I'm going to leave it at that.

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