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Daily Links 1/8

Herald  Rough “Cs” for Celtics       
Dikembe Mutombo had eyes on Celtics      
Celtics are sleepwalking      
Cavaliers rest up for Celtics     
Celtics fall at home, 89-85 to Rockets       
Globe     Celtics' offense dud vs. Rockets      
Pursuit of glory is turning gory       
What's the difference? For Rockets, plenty       
Rivers thinks Garnett can tough it out       
Various posts and video in the Globe Celtics blog      

MetroWest Daily    Rockets 89, Celtics 85: Slumping champs drop another      Celtics Saddled with Fourth Quarter Struggles During Slump      
CelticsBlog    Ok, hit it!      
Clutch City fail     
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Rockets    
Rockets at Celtics in pictures  1/7       
Celtics 17     John Hollinger's words spell doom       
Boston's struggles     
Celtics 24/7     At home too?      
Red's Army    A little solace       
Remembering the good times       
Too tired     
Perkisabeast    Do the guys need a little R&R?    
Just Pruitt      
Examiner    Live diary:  Rockets vs Celtics       
Comcast SportsNet     Postgame podcap 1/7:  Celtics vs Rockets     
Plenty of blame to go around        
Patriot Ledger     Nothing’s working for the Celtics right now      
Worcester Telegram      Rondo feeling pressure      
Home doesn’t help C’s        
LA Times     Winning 70 in the NBA a tall order      
WEEI       Celtics are beaten but unbowed      
Rondo's keys to snapping a skid       
Eagle Tribune    Are Celtics finally feeling Posey exodus?     
Oregon Live    Miles has two games left to affect the Blazers cap   
Enterprise    Trouble in paradise:  Celtics lose again    
Metro     Rockets edge Celtics:  Boston we have a problem      
ProJo     It hits home: Even the Garden can’t halt Boston’s losing streak 
Dikembe Mutombo wanted to join the Celtics      
Josh Q Public     Everybody just simmer down          
Deadspin     Horrible Celtics lose again       
Bleacher Report     Rajon Rondo is the key to the Boston Celtics' success    
Could Rajon Rondo be the next Bob Cousy for the Boston Celtics?        
Lakers  show why they are pretenders against the New Orleans Hornets      
Has Kevin Garnett's dementia spread to the Boston Celtics?        
Inside Hoops     A look at recent Celtics' losses        
Draft Express     D-League Showcase day 2 - Bill Walker     
Comcast SportsNet     Sloppy Celtics fall continues           
CBS Sports      Celtics, Lakers lose;  world stops spinning      
OC Register      Wallace leaps to the lead    
Lex Nihil Novi     Celtics-Lakers symbiosis             
Amber Alert       
Are we back to the fire Doc days?       
Cavs tame Cats       
Leon Powe Fan Site     More Leon = more wins     
The Daily Hurt    Rondo being exposed as the weak link on the Boston Celtics     
Hoopsworld     Yao, Rockets continue Celtics slide          
Plain Dealer     Cavs roll over Bobcats, set up showdown with Celtics     
And One    Basketball quote of the moment       
Connecticut Post    Celtic slump continues:  fall to Rockets 89-85       



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