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History Repeating - Market Correction

ESPN's Daily Dime has an interesting chart today.

Longest Win Streaks In League History (*won NBA title)
Year Team Wins Following the Streak
1971-72 Lakers* 33 Lost 4 of 6
2007-08 Rockets 22 Lost 5 of 8
1970-71 Bucks* 20 Lost 5 of 6
2008-09 Celtics 19 Lost 6 of 8
1999-00 Lakers* 19 Won 11 of 12

Maybe Kelly Dwyer is right:

The Celtics lost again, but Boston fans should not be worried, and Laker/Cavalier/whomever-backers should halt the funeral proceedings. It's not normal for a team like Boston to win as many games as they did over the first two months of the season against competition that stiff. Teams were and are gunning for the C's in a way I haven't seen teams attack the defending champs since the 90s Bulls, and sooner or later the Celtics are going to lose a few. Regression to the mean. Learn to enjoy it.

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