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Starting Five - 1/9

There's too much going on that I don't have the time to write full articles about, so I'll try to condense the points here.

  • Scott Souza makes the same points many of you have made already.  Recalling the kids is an odd move since there's no time for them to practice.  There's almost no chance of them seeing court time. The official reason being given is that they need to recover from injuries and work with development coaches.  And I'm sure that's true.  But another reason for calling them up is to decide if one or both of them is worth keeping around in case we make a trade or cut someone.
  • This is rich.  The Blazers are now threatening to sue anyone that signs Miles with the intention of killing their salary cap.  First they leak the news that Miles had a suspension to serve and now this?  Now I totally want the Celtics to sign him.  We could make the argument that he was with the team in training camp so he knows the system and we could use some help on the wing with Tony Allen out.  Someone needs to call their bluff.  You guys signed him to that contract originally.  Live with it.
  • Red's Army beat me to this.  Vote Yi for All Star! He's only a few votes behind KG and our big man could use the extra rest.  Sure, he'd be added to the team anyway, but maybe he can use any one of his nagging bumps and bruises as an excuse to skip the game anyway.  And the Yi situation might just end up changing the way they figure out future All Star teams.  (How about the option of Stern getting veto power?)  In other All Star news, I had an article half written about Rondo's bid for the All Star game, but I can't bring myself to finish it until he gets back on track.
  • Where were Dan Shaughnessy and Ron Borges during the 19 game win streak?  Go away.
  • Jeremy Gottlieb writes about the 3 different personalities of Celtics fans:  Realists, fatalists, and those in between.  Put me in that last category.  "They aren’t nearly as good as they were in games 1-29, nor are they as putrid as they’ve been from games 30-37."  Exactly.

More thoughts on the Cavs game coming later.

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