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JR Giddens Has A Pulse

Nice to see the guy get some run and do something with it.  Even if it is preseason. 

J.R. Giddens is Alive and Kicking… and Rebounding - Celtics Central - Connecticut News

Just when you thought he’s completely out of the picture, second year Celtic, J.R. Giddens received 33 minutes of playing time in a preseason game. The Celtics rested Ray Allen, Paul, Pierce, and Kevin Garnett, opening up playing time for players like J.R. All the 6′ 5″ player did was respond with game honors in rebounding with 13 boards, 7 points on 3 of 5 shooting, 2 assists, and a steal (3 TOs). While he was in the game, the team was up 7 points, good for the third best plus/minus on the team.

What stands out to me is the rebounding numbers.  Apparently JR's rebounding numbers were off the charts in the D-League finals last year.  Sounds like he might have a talent you don't see too often in shooting guards.  If he's ever on the court with Rondo, we might have a big advantage on the boards, regardless of who's playing underneath.

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