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Waiting For The Games To Count

I don't mean to sound whiny here (which means I'm about to whine) but is anyone else really ready for this preseason stuff to be over and get to the real games?  I mean, don't get me wrong.  This is better than the dog days of September where we dove into every piece of news like it was a puddle of mud in the desert.  Still, there's only so many puff pieces, platitudes, and season previews a person can take before they go a little bit nutty.

With that said, I'm more than a little happy to see the lack of drama coming out of Waltham this October.  Everyone is watching KG's knee closer than stock brokers watch Greenspan but everything appears to be progressing on schedule.  Looks like Ainge and company were being less Belichickian than we thought.  Someone should write "KG is progressing fine" and staple it to the wall.

No worries though.  The wait is almost over.  The games shall soon begin.  Just a little over a week away.  We'll see just how much of an impact Shaq will make ...when he hits the floor.  I hope nobody shakes LeBron's hand, know, to be safe about the flu.

See, even my trash talking is half hearted and uninspired.  Bring on the season.

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