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Product Review: Converse Weapon Evo

Converse Weapon Evo
Converse Weapon Evo

So Converse asked me to review a new line of sneakers they are releasing.  I'm a sucker for free swag, and it is the offseason, so I agreed.  Note to other marketing departments, I'll totally review your stuff if you send it to me for free - just know that I'll give an honest assessment.

So right up front I'll tell you I'm a Nike guy.  I have been since high school.  Part of that is because I went along with the crowd and got hooked early on.  And part of it is because they fit my size 14 feet better than other brands (adidas seems a half size off and they don't come in half sizes past size 14).  So the upshot is that this is the first pair of Converse basketball shoes I've ever worn.  So here's my review.

The Look: These shoes are designed to be an evolution (Evo) of the original Converse Weapons that Bird, McHale, and Magic wore back in the 80's.  They remind me of the updated car designs like the new Dodge Charger.  Similar enough to capture the nostalgia but different enough to be "modern."  Everyone's style is unique but I thought they pulled off the effect rather well.  Thumbs up for me.

The Feel: The biggest worry was that they would feel too much like the shoes from the 80's.  Remember when Jordan wore his original Air Jordan 1's and ended up with blisters?  Yeah, that's what I was worried about.  But I had no complaints there either.  I'm picky about having light weight shoes but enough ankle support to keep my often-turned and older by the day joints in place.  Too often it is an either/or sort of deal.  But I was pleasantly surprised by this pair.  Plenty of ankle support - I even laced them down one rung for more flexibility - and they were very light feeling.  My only complaint was that the toe seemed a little too roomy - but I got used to that.

Overall Review: I liked them despite my brand bias.  I'd recommend them - especially for those looking for a nod to yesteryear without the blisters.  They also come in Laker yellow and purple, ...if you are into that sort of thing.

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