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Oklahoma City Thunder Previews

How long can the ex-Sonics roll out "Kevin Durant and wait for next year?"  At least one more year apparently.

2009-10 Oklahoma City Thunder preview | Daily

I think the question, at least for OKC should be, "what significant moves weren’t made in the offseason?" With a heap of cap space in his pocket, general manager Sam Presti chose not to make a splash in a watered down free agent market. The most important moves were done via the draft- James Harden picked third overall and Byron Mullens coming in through a trade with Dallas.

NBA Blogger Previews: The 2009-2010 Oklahoma City Thunder

Will Kevin Durant be an All-Star this year? In short: yes. In all honesty, he should have gotten it last year, but that honour is usually not reserved for second year players. This year, the only possible detriment to it could be the amount of turnovers he's getting, but I don't think that is considered very heavily when choosing All-Stars. Jeff Green has an outside shot of making it, but it would take some serious injury from big Western Conference players. But don't worry Jeff, in a few years time, an All-Star slot will be yours. He may be second banana, but it's better to be second banana on a team on the rise, rather than a first banana on a horrible team, as Scottie Pippen once learned.

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