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NJ Nets Previews

After two years of fire sales, the New Jersey Nets (or Brooklyn Nyets if you prefer) are in full rebuilding mode with an eye towards next year.  But what do they do this year?  Here are a couple of previews to give us some clues.

Slippery When Nets: Everything You Wanted to Know About the 2009 Nets...But Had Better Things To Do Than Ask

As Michael Scott once said, "My weaknesses are actually my strengths." It is very appropriate when describing this team. The Nets have a lot of youth, and a lot of cap space. Basically, the pieces are aligning for a serious run at the top free agents in the summer of 2010. The new owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, is now the richest owner in the NBA, which could help in the future as well.

QTBM Part V: How Will The New Jersey Nets Do In 2009-10?

Jianlin is hands-down a bust and shouldn't take up the spot another more promising player could be filling.  Veterans such as  Bobby Simmons, Trenton Hasssell, and Alston may not be willing to help the younger players because they wouldn't want to give up their place in the depth chart.  Eduardo Najera and Keyon Dooling would probably be the only ones willing to help the Nets youth get better, so the bench situation could get toxic, particularly from Alston who believes he has the talent and deserves the shot to be a starter. 

See the full schedule of previews here.

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