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CSLive Postgame Show 10/21: Celtics at Cavs

The Celtics beat the Cavs. Hooray!

Of course it was the exhibition season finale, so who the hell knows what that really means. But we do know that the Cavs threw quite a bit more of their starters at the Celtics reserve laden lineup, and despite this fact... the C's won going away. Jon, Justin, and Kevin Henkin wrapped up the exhibition season and tried to read the tea leaves into who will make this 15 man roster, and who might not if Mike Sweetney does if reports by Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski today on twitter. Justin leaned on Tony Allen as the weakest link, but Kevin and Jon were of the mind that Giddens is more vulnerable due to the trade value of TA's contract. Jon called Mo Williams, he of the ridiculous antics on the bench during last year's end of regular season Cavs rout, a "frontrunning turd." No response from Mo's camp, but he was last seen taking a sweet shot to his mug courtesy of @CSL_Duke's BFF, @SheldenWilliams.

Catch us Sunday at 9 PM when the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett puts up with Jon and Justin.

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