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Final Predictions: Who Gets Cut?

Will JR Giddens survive cuts?
Will JR Giddens survive cuts?

The math is still the same as it was on the first day of camp. We have 15 roster spots and 16 players. One of them has to go. Barring a trade, somebody is going to get cut. Most assumed that Mike Sweetney would be the one to go. However, Adiran Wojnarowski tweeted the following:

Doc Rivers sounds determined to keep Mike Sweetney. Celts plan had been to help him lose more weight and hope he could contribute by midyear

Boston doesn't have the roster space to keep him, and would need to get rid of one of its guaranteed contracts. Giddens? TAllen?

Not sure if that's anything more than Wojo's opinion or reading too much into Doc's praise of Sweets, but I can't help but wonder the same things. If he stays, who goes?

As a sidebar, you can find a long list of players cut by other teams at Hoopshype. I'm not sure if any of them is worth discussing but you never know.

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