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Celtics Cut Michael Sweetney

See you around, big fella...
See you around, big fella...

Well, it didn't take long for Jeff to get an answer to his question.  Per the the twitter:

The C's have requested waivers on F Michael Sweetney. He averaged 3.6 points and 1.2 rebounds in 5 games. Roster stands at 15.

I can't say this comes as a surprise.  Still, it won't shock me if the team keeps tabs on Sweetney, in case a roster spot opens up later in the year.

More from the Globe:

He was listed at 275 pounds, though he easily looked more massive than Glen Davis, who was listed at 289. Still, Rivers said Sweetney had the talent of an NBA basketball player.

There had been rumors that the Celtics liked Sweetney so much they were considering keeping him around, helping him lose weight with hopes that he could contribute midyear.

Yeah.  275.  Right.

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