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Charlotte Bobcats Previews

NBA Blogger Preview: Charlotte Bobcats - Rufus on Fire

The Bobcats traded away their first draft pick, and arguably their best player, Emeka Okafor, receiving Tyson Chandler in return. The front office described the trade as a basketball decision, but Chandler's recent injury history and lesser offensive skills cast doubt on that claim. More likely, the trade was prompted by owner Robert Johnson's attempts to sell the team combined with Larry Brown's notorious fickleness. Okafor's contract runs through 2014, while Chandler's runs through 2011. A prospective owner might see Okafor as a valuable asset, probably well worth the investment in him, but others might see a long term contract as an unwelcome commitment, no matter how advisable the investment actually is. The move added financial flexibility starting with the 2011 offseason, but at the cost of a franchise cornerstone

Queen City Hoops - NBA Blog Previews - Charlotte Bobcats

I adjusted the question from "weaknesses" to "weakness" because the Bobcats have one huge one that outweighs the rest: Scoring. They were horrible last year, at 27th in the league in offensive efficiency, and they could well go to atrocious this year. Trading one of your 2 post scorers (and the only one who might ever draw a double team) does not exactly improve the offense. Boris Diaw is the only big left that I expect to see calling for the ball on the post and while he can score there effectively, he likely will not be inclined to often enough. So, where are the points going to come from?

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