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C's Tired Of Old Questions

Not that it is going to stop the media from asking, but the Celtics are getting tired of hearing the same old questions over and over.  For example:

KG on knee questions: ‘That [stuff] is getting old’

Kevin Garnett reached his breaking point on Friday afternoon with questions about whether he is physically ready and back to 100 percent following surgery last May to remove bone spurs behind his right knee. "Next question," he answered when asked. But the question was asked moments later, in a different way. "I just told you. That [stuff] is getting old, now. That [stuff] getting real old. You’re going to have to sit in your offices and come up with some new questions. Drink a little more beer now or whatever gets you going to come up with your questions." Told that he’s likely going to hear that same question all season long, Garnett replied, "You’re going to get the same answer, alright?"

Boston Celtics Blog - Celtics aren't touching comparisons to title team - ESPN Boston

As the Celtics prepare to open their 2009-10 season Tuesday night in Cleveland, the most common line of questioning following Friday's practice at the Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint was about how this year's squad compares to the championship team of 2007-08. Sound familiar? It seems like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his teammates have fielded a never-ending stream of questions about how this year's offense compares to the record-setting team of 2007. (Never mind the coincidence that both Brady and Celtics forward Kevin Garnett are coming off knee injuries that detoured their team's playoff chances in 2008.) And like the Patriots, the Celtics are pleading for a wait-and-see approach before making those comparisons. "I really don't even judge," said guard Ray Allen. "I don't compare. Even if it were the same team, it could be better or it could be worse. The league changes. That conversation can only really be had after the championship is decided and we hoist that banner. Then that decision could be made about which team is better."

Sounds like they just want to get the season started, which I think we all can relate to.

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