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Celtics Preparing Last Minute Offer For Rondo

And now for some good news:

Green Street " What a Rondo deal would mean

Now it looks like their might be some movement. learned that the Celtics will offer Rondo a long-term deal and the two sides are expected to talk tonight. Of course "talking" and "signing" are two different things, but presumably the Celtics have an idea where Rondo and his agent, Bill Duffy, want to be on the numbers. Put it this way: There was no indication there would even be talks last week.

If the Celtics are successful in locking up Rondo it would set the franchise’s direction for the post Big 3 era. Although some fans had held out hope for some kind of major foray into the 2o10 free agent class, that scenario realistically went up in smoke when they signed Rasheed Wallace to a 3-year deal in the offseason. An extended Rondo and Kendrick Perkins would become the bridge to the next Celtics era.

Count me as a big fan of the idea behind locking Rondo up long term.  I know it has just been a few weeks, but he's handled the criticisms, rumors, and slow moving contract talks like a pro.  A sign of, ...wait for it... maturity.

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