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Game 1 Recap: Thanks Lebron! Can we all shake your hand?

Banner #18 !!! The Drive to a Championship has begun once again.

To quote from one of my favorite movies: I love the smell of Napalm in the smells like....VICTORY!

Well I love the smell of those losing fumes of the Cleveland Cavs fans left steaming tonight after we came and took opening night away from them. We took it like Sweetney takes a second helping at dinner. 

Below is my initial rundown and thoughts of the Game 1 VICTORY

  • We started out slow and I soon needed extra medication when the early score reached 13-2 with Cleveland hitting their first 6 shots.
  • No Penetration No Ball Movement soon turned into just the opposite for the C's and by the end of the 1st Quarter we had clawed back in within 7 (28-21 Cavs)
  • Sheed, as expected was the first off the bench and provided an immediate spark with a 3 pointer while sporting a Combo Fro (combo of Don King and Eddie Murphy's Buckwheat)
  • Unbelievable block by LBJ on Rondo breakaway layup. I hate him but an impressive block. Second half block on Ray  Allen breakaway just as impressive - I still hate him.
  • Shelden "Sherwin" Williams' first stint off the bench was very nice. He seemed comfortable, played his role well, hit the boards and did not seem lost or slow. In the second half he suddenly developed Mark Blunt hands and bobbled a couple of nice passes that could have resulted in two scores. Hands like two dried paint brushes in the second half.
  • Perk with no boards in the first half???  And only 2 points. (The Least Interesting Man n the Game/World this night) Shaq moved him the paint with little problem in the 1st half.  2nd Half Perk came out and hit the first two shots of the second half for the C's but soon faded back into the wallpaper. He did have a nice block on Shaq.
  • Solid solid effort by the 2 Unit in the second quarter (House, Sheed, Queasy, Sherwin and Ray Allen started the 2nd Quarter and essentially played as a unit until the halfway point of the second quarter. Score at that point? 36-34 Cavs.

2nd half and game summary follow after the jump

  • Third Quarter for the first six minutes was great...suddenly it was 61-47 and the Cavaliers were looking ...welll...sort of Cavalier about the the game at the point.  But the C's got sloppy at both ends and did a poor job of closing out the quarter (72-65 Celtics).
  • Strange TV commercial Side Note - Is there really a movie called "The Men Who Stare at Goats"? - I am not paying to see that.
  • 4th Quarter - The Ice Quarter.....Celtics frozen at 80 points forever and the Cavs not much better. Of course you know a nail biter is coming ......87-83 Celts at the 2 minute mark and I need a drink but I resist.
  • Too many ill advised threes by the Celts in the last two minutes.....but Captain my Captain - Paul Pierce hit two solid shots and the fans became so quiet I could hear wind blowing thru Sheed's Fro!!!!!

SOLID GAME....nobody hurt and it seems all good. Nice game KG.   Hahahahahaha.....Shake my hand Lebron???? I didn't think so.

1 down and 81 more to go.........Love it!!!!!!! CELTIC PRIDE 

Final - 10.27.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 21 30 21 23 95
Cleveland Cavaliers 28 17 20 24 89

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