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Celts Win Game 2! Plus, Opening Night Intros and Comments from your Captain

The Celtics blew the doors off the Bobcats tonight.   It's going to be all about defense this year, and from the play in this game and the game last night, the defense is looking mighty fine.  

Keys from the game:

  • The defense was stifling.   The Cats had 41 points through three quarters.  And ended up with a franchise low in points
  • All the subs got a huge hand tonight, including Rasheed who immediately bombed from downtown. 
  • The game was nailed shut with back-to-back threes followed by a dunk from Paul Pierce.    All assisted by Rajon, who actually pretended to sign the ball after the last dime.   It was both hilarious and bush league - I loved it and hated it, someone needs to find a clip of it though.  
  • Lester, JR, Shelden all got extended minutes tonight.  
  • Mike Gorman has a tiny budget Coby monitor that he uses to call the games which got prominent air-time following Gerald Wallace diving over the scorer's table.  CSN needs to upgrade that for our man Mike. 

Oh and the Cavs lost in Toronto, with Shaq putting up a frothy -25 (maybe fewer yucks with Big Ben, Golden Boy etc., this summer Shaq and more practice....)

JimmyT is at the game and will have a full recap complete with quotes from this laugher.   After the jump check out the intros from the home opener.

Big tip of the hat to the dudes at Red's Army.

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