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NY Knicks Previews

7 Seconds or Less?  Or 7 Seconds or Mess?  Read and decide for yourself.

Knicks Season Preview: 2009-2010 - Posting and Toasting

A playoff berth would be a nice surprise, especially considering that New York's upcoming first-rounder is in the hands of the Utah Jazz. Beyond that, though, New York's eggs are in a different basket (or I should I say LeBasket?). A roster that has changed very little since they won 32 games last year is blessed with low expectations, so developing young talent and showcasing trade assets are reasonable goals as well.

Bandwagon Knick: 2009-10 Knicks Season Preview

The Knick coaching staff and its 7 seconds or less offense-first system (which excels at providing roles for players of varying abilities) remains the team’s biggest strength. The system made the Knicks second in the league in Pace last season, though offensive efficiency was middling (17th last season). When the team wasn't disrupted by trades or injuries, it was surprisingly competitive with even elite teams on most nights.

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