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Phoenix Suns Previews

Phoenix Suns Season Preview (For SBN) - Bright Side Of The Sun

Keeping Nash and Stoudemire healthy is vital to the success of this team. Nash is aging and tends to wear down over the course of a season. Hopefully Goran Dragic can turn into a dependable back up and be able to provide Nash with plenty of time to rest. Stoudemire is attempting to return from a serious eye injury. Injuries to these two players could spell doom for the 2009-10 Suns.

Phoenix Suns 2009-2010 Season Preview - The NBA Blog | Binary Basketball Blogs

"We're going to be a running team," Gentry promised. "We've got to go back to the culture we've always had here since I've been here and that's to be an attack team on offense, and we are going to get better defensively."

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