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Sacramento Kings Previews

Official Sactown Royalty Kings 2009-10 Preview - Sactown Royalty

What are the goals for this team? Goal No. 1: do not lose 65 games again. Goal No. 2: No one get seriously hurt, OK? Goal No. 3: Don't lose any home games by 48 points. Goal No. 4: Beat L.A. Goal No. 5: Get Evans the R.O.Y. Goal No. 6: Get Martin to the All-Star Game. Goal No. 7: Playoffs!

The Official Basketball Fiend Sacramento Kings Preview That Was Written After the First Game of the Season and Now I Feel Like Throwing Up | Basketball Fiend

What are the team’s biggest strengths? The honest answer? Helping other teams win games. But "other teams" implies the Grizzlies, and that simply isn’t true. The Grizzlies will be the only team worse than the Kings this season. Therefore, the Kings will not help the Grizzlies win games. Instead I’m going to go with scoring points in garbage time. This one’s all you, Donte Greene!

Cowbell - A Sacramento Kings Blog

Can Tyreke Evans win Rookie of the Year? Yes. He can and he will. Tyreke Evans has the best chance at winning the award because he has the best chance of leading all rookies in scoring this year. He can get to the basket whenever he wants, plays nice defense, and will shoot a ton of free throws. Throw in Blake Griffin already missing six weeks due to injury and you’ve got yourself a new favorite for winning the ROY hardware.

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