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Camp Wrapup Quotes

Steve Bulpett brings us some quotes as the team wrapped up training camp (they are headed back to Boston/Waltham).  Here's my favorite quote, which sums up the summer nicely.

"We had a pretty good game plan this summer," said Doc Rivers. "I mean, we had Marquis or Grant Hill. Either one of them could have been a point guard (to get the ball up the floor), and that’s the way we looked at it. And we wanted Rasheed. We didn’t have a secondary plan for that, so that’s why the begging was so important with Rasheed."

Doc also re-emphasized the return to Ubuntu:

Talking about this group, Rivers said, “It’s kind of corny, but you just feel like you’ve got your team back almost. Last year I thought at times, even though we had a great record, we didn’t have our team together. This team is really close. You can feel it. You can see it.

“We didn’t have that same feeling at times last year. So over anything else, just getting together and getting away from everybody, it’s kind of put us back together in the right way.”

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