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Toronto Raptors Previews

Say what you want about Colangelo, but the man is not shy about making moves.  I think the Raps improved.  The question is how much?

NBA Previews - The Toronto Raptors - Raptors HQ

The Raptors were active early and often this off-season. Right off the bat Colangelo dealt free-agent bust Jason Kapono to Philadelphia for rebounder extraordinaire Reggie Evans. This highly applauded move was just the tip of the ice-berg. The "biggest" acquisition in the eyes of many was the four-team mega-deal that really boiled down to the Raptors sending Shawn Marion to Dallas and the Raps acquiring Hedo Tukoglu. Originally it looked like Turkoglu was simply going to sign with Toronto outright after having backed away from the Portland situation. Fortunately for the Raps, with some serious capology work and willing trade partners, things changed. As a consequence of the deal, the Raps not only acquired Turkoglu but also maintained their exceptions and kept their rights to Carlos Delfino (who had spent last season overseas). Keeping the exceptions and the rights to Delfino allowed the Legomaster to make far more moves than anyone could have expected.

Toronto Raptors Season Preview | Hoops Addict

What are the team’s biggest weaknesses? I’m going to sound like a complete homer here but the team doesn’t really have a weakness heading into this season. Do they have a franchise player playing hungry with a sense of urgency because he’ll be a free agent next summer? Check. How about a starting point guard who is finally healthy and one of the top assist men in the NBA? Check. What about a deep roster in case the injury bug strikes? Check. How about throwing into the mix the addition of one of the top free agents from last summer? Check. And, for good measure, a general manager willing to pull the trigger on a deal if needed at any point during the season? Check. Unless this teams star players get completely ravaged with injuries I don’t see what could prevent this team from having a strong season.

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